Get A Handle On It!

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It’s not surprising PVC door handles wear out and fail. We use them day-in day-out so, occasionally, they break – it happens.

Man Hand opens a plastic pvc window

Man Hand opens a plastic pvc window

But don’t panic. You shouldn’t need to replace the whole PVC window or door.

Here at Window & Door Services in Swansea, there’s not much we can’t fix (and usually without removing the offending door or window).

From broken handles to worn hinges and faulty lock, our talented team at Window & Door Services have the expertise to repair most PVC window or door products.

With several decades experience, there’s not much we haven’t seen and, we think, you’ll be surprised how cost-effective a good repair can be.

As that builder Bob say, “Can you fix it?” yes, we’re pretty sure we can.

For a free, no obligation quotation, please call our repair hotline on 01792 776 546.

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